DIY Wedding Glasses

A marriage ceremony can break one’s budget. Turning a couple’s main day into a true fairy tale is something few people can really afford.

But! Don’t be upset! You can make a fairy tale all by yourself. Hand-made things will be truly yours, transmitting you message and your energy, showing your creativity and imagination. Just don’t be lazy, turn to your friends and family for help when possible and use your imagination to the full.

Diy wedding ideas

This item is touching upon one of the DIY wedding issues. I’m going to show you some ways to decorate your wedding glasses.

You’re going to need:

  • small roses;
  • beads;
  • bead pins;
  • chains;
  • a thin ribbon (about a meter long)


Diy wedding ideas
  1. Let’s take the roses. Mine are like these. I’ve taken them away from bride’s hairpins. We need to bind them together.
  2. Now we are putting the beads on the bead pins (some have caps). Use round pliers to make rings.
  3. Take a small piece of the chain (about 6 cm) and put beads on it as you like. Now crown it with a carbine lock for convenience.

Our bunch is ready.

  1. Now let’s put it all together on the glass: we need to tie the ribbon, place the roses onto it and fasten the bunch to the ribbon.

Here’s what we’ve got.

  1. General view:

Good luck! Enjoy your wedding!

1 Photos of the DIY Wedding Glasses

Diy wedding ideas

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