Fishtail wedding dresses

Fishtail wedding dress – feel like a goddess!

This style is often associates with clothes of Hollywood stars of 50s of the twentieth century: tight-fitting top dresses, flared from top to bottom in the form of mermaid tail, sometimes translating in luxury train. Using various elements of decoration of wedding dresses designers embody the truly royal patterns.

Wedding dresses in the style of fishtail keep up with the time and change, adapting to the demands and desires of the modern bride. Who said that a mermaid can not have magnificent and long tail?

Fishtail wedding dress

Wedding dress “Mermaid” is suitable for stylish and confident!

Not each fashionable woman will risk buying a fishtail wedding dress but it is necessary to try it on. First of all this wedding dress requires nearly perfect form of its owner. Fishtail wedding dress will accentuate your waist, chest and thigh.             It’s impossible to hide figure flaws with this dress, for example a small difference between the size of waist and hips will be obvious and will not appear in the best light. This capricious and demanding wedding dress in mermaid style, imitating a fish tail, made like a second skin that will not allow anything superfluous around the waist of the bride, whose growth should desirable be above average and legs proportionately long.

To choose such style is not enough to look at photos of wedding dresses in catalogs only. It is worth to visit a wedding salon and try a dress on. Also it’s necessary to analyze thoroughly how it looks on you in all sorts of angles, try to go and sit in it.

The bride should understand that the mermaid wedding dress hasn’t got only advantages but also disadvantages, such as restriction of movement. That wedding dress style will dictate you how to move during the wedding. You will scarcely be able to indulge in rhythmic dance but during a slow graceful dance all guests will look only at you and friends of the groom will envy him. Do you feel like fish in water? It means it’s definitely your dress.

Fishtail wedding dress

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Fishtail wedding dress

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