Gypsy wedding dresses

The Gypsies are nomadic and free people. They travel around the world, play the guitar, predict the fate looking on the hand, sing and dance. No wonder that their clothes, including wedding dresses, cover a variety of styles. A whole bunch of elements from different cultures and nationalities can be collected at their wedding dresses. Wherever the  Gypsies appear, in a village, town, city, it will be shown in their dresses, including the wedding ones. A dress with a belt at the waist, loose, wide skirts, lace tops, long and short sleeves with ruffles and fancy cuffs with buttons.

Gypsy wedding dresses are beautiful, vibrant, dynamic. They require fun, dancing and wine. It can be supplemented with bracelets, necklaces, rings, large round earrings, and of course, a scarf with fringe. There are many different patterns, embroidery and appliques. The more decorations, the more gypsy’s character it takes.

Gypsy wedding dress

Gypsy style has its own history. It created its own image of the details in different parts of the world. A dress is a traveler. After the wedding each bride dreams to fly very far from home to enjoy a stranger world. And such wedding dress increases her desire.

If your wedding will be held in a gypsy-style with guitars, circus animals, stunts, dancing at live singing musicians, then, believe us, it will be one of the most funny, joyful and lively activities.

Gypsy wedding dress

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Gypsy wedding dress

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