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A perfect hairstyle, which takes more than just the hairdresser’s creativity, but real magic, is one of the defining elements of the bride’s look. Your wedding hairstyle choice will depend on many factors. This article covers all the aspects you are advised to bear in mind while creating your wedding hairstyle.

Reliability and comfort

Yes, reliability and comfort, for a wedding hairstyle is supposed to undergo an ordeal. Hardly any bride would be eager to feel discomfort all day long and think of preventing her hair from getting disheveled.

Wedding hair updos

When picking the hairstyle, the master should pay attention to the girl’s face form and features. An ideal wedding hairstyle will flatter the girl by accenting her natural beauty and hiding her weak points.

The hairstyle should also be in harmony with the bouquet, the bride’s dress and even certain elements of the groom’s outfit. In their turn, the manicure and makeup are chosen after the bride decides on the hairstyle.

Wedding experiments

As a rule, the bride can’t even imagine what difficulties she may face when choosing her wedding hairstyle. Sometimes it seems that its creation will take just a couple of minutes, but this is absolutely wrong. The secret of a beautiful and successful hairstyle lies in the hard work of the hairdresser and the wedding stylist.

Wedding hair updos

You’d better avoid any experiments with your head in the run-up to such an important day. If you need to dye your hair, try to do it at least a week before the wedding or postpone this procedure. Sometimes it is difficult to resist the temptation to change something in your look for the wedding ceremony. However, the stylists warn against any radical changes before the wedding. If you are still determined to restyle yourself cardinally, do this in advance, for example a couple of months before the wedding. Should your experiment fail, you will have enough time to improve the situation.

How to choose the hairstyle?

It only depends on your taste, but here are some factors to consider:

  • the season and the month of the wedding;
  • the program of the wedding;
  • will you go to the church?

If you have an updo made with special styling aids, you may be sure that it will last for 24 hours. Such hairstyles are charming, elegant and good both for the official ceremony at the marriage registry office and the church wedding.

Ready variants

‘Half-and-half’ hairstyles, where the upper or the lower part of the hair is left loose, also preserves its initial form all day long, but it depends greatly on your hair type. These romantic variants are preferable for younger brides. However, such hairstyles are not adequate for church ceremonies. If you are going to have a church wedding, your hair must be smoothly combed and put up.

Loose hair is also a bad option for ‘winter’ brides. This romantic and modern style looks excellent when the weather is fine. If you plan a church wedding, think how you will do your hair for this part of the ceremony.

If you are going to entrust your hair to a stylist or a hairdresser you’ve never met before, it is worth studying their works. Every self-respecting master has got a portfolio.

Pay special attention to the hairstyle rehearsal. Only a lazy bride would miss this stage today, for this is a great opportunity to check if the style, the accessories and the jewelry you’ve chosen really suit you. You are recommended to have a picture of your dress with you: this will help the master to find the way, to imagine your future look and to choose the best hairstyle. Bring a camera or a friend to estimate the hairdresser’s work.

What should you do on the wedding day?

Don’t leave many things to do for the morning. For example, wash your hair the night before or leave enough time for drying it. If your hair is to be done at a hair salon, think how much time it will take you to get their and mind the traffic jams.

Wedding hairstyling usually takes from 40 minutes to one hour, but this is individual: it will depend on the length of your hair and on how sophisticated the hairstyle is.

The future wife’s style is a look that has been thoroughly thought through, to the smallest detail, and the hairstyle is probably the most important thing. A successfully chosen hairstyle will help the bride feel like a queen on this amazing day.

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Wedding hair updos

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