The Wedding Ceremony

In the USA, the would-be husband and wife traditionally don’t venture on the thorough wedding preparation by themselves: they hire professional wedding agencies.

The future husband would give his fiancée a gold ring to offer his hand and heart. Should she say yes, the couple will be regarded as the bride and groom from that moment on. This opens the engagement period, which is also the wedding preparation period.


First, the couple sends the invitations. These are special letters, personally designed by the bride and groom. They include all the necessary data about the preferable wedding gifts, the closest hotels, the ceremony time and the place and a special card which the invitees are expected to send back to inform the couple whether they accept the invitation.

The stag-party and the hen-party usually take place a month before the wedding. The heroes of the occasion are not supposed to invent anything extraordinary here: all they need to do is have fun with their friends as they can.

The wedding rehearsal is an outstanding event, which plays a very special role in the preparation process. It is held a day before the wedding, and the closest friends of the couple are invited to help.

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The wedding scenario itself is widely recognizable. The bride’s father is guiding her to the altar, where the future husband is expecting. The rose petals are falling. The oaths of loyalty are the only thing to break the silence. The couple is exchanging the rings. After the ceremony the participants leave the church and head to a standing reception. The wedding photographer accompanies the entire happening.

Starters and the first course are served in a decorated hall, where you can also see a table for the gifts. The menu usually includes cheeses, olives and salads. And, of course, an enormous wedding cake to be cut by the newly married couple. And, to crown the holiday, the groom takes off the bride’s garter and throws it to his friends, and the bride throws her bouquet to girls. After that, the guests see the happy couple out to the honeymoon trip.

6 Photos of the The Wedding Ceremony

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