Types of wedding dresses

Oh, the variety of wedding dresses is amazing! It can take many hours or even days to watch and view the beautiful models! And what kind of wedding dress do you like most of all?

Puffy Ball Gown

This style is one of the most popular among the wedding dresses. And there are some valid reasons:

Italian wedding dresses
  1. Ball dress is a chance to feel like a princess and carry out a childhood dream. There is nothing nicer than to feel truly beautiful and catch admiring gazes.
  2. This style is suitable for girls with different body proportions.                        It perfectly hides voluminous hips, emphasizes chest. It looks great on slim figure.
  3. A belt-tape, long gloves, voluminous decorations match with some dresses of this style perfectly. It allows you to make the image more interesting and unique.

Girls of low height should be especially careful in the choice of ball dresses. Incorrect balancing of the diameter of the skirt can make you look like a big ball rolling over.

Dress «Mermaid»

Amazing dress of slim silhouette and with expanding skirt. Only girls with long legs, hips and chic slim waist can afford this kind of dress. This model will emphasize attractive curves of their body, making the image a bit revealing.

Dress «Empire»

One of the most delicate and romantic styles. High waist and flowing bottom give the image of weightlessness and a sense of freedom and lightness to a bride. This dress is a perfect corrector of a figure. It hides wide hips, emphasizes the bust and some models, due to the decoration, visually increase it. In addition, this model is recommended for brides who are preparing to become a mother. When wearing it they look amazing and feel comfortable and confident.

Modern wedding dress

Wedding dresses in the style of «Vintage»

Vintage dresses are dresses of the past epochs. This style is very popular today. This dress would be relevant not only to the theme wedding but also to the traditional ceremony because it will give a special elegance, romance and glamour for a bride. Sometimes it’s not very easy to find a model of a vintage dress. However, there is no reason to worry. By your order any tailoring establishment will quickly make your favorite model from the past epoch.

Wedding dresses in Puritan style

Modesty and humility, no pretentiousness and flashy jewelry – Puritan style of wedding fashion is the embodiment of traditions. For this reason these dresses are usually chosen for a very exciting and important ceremony such as wedding.

But do not think that the dress in the Puritan style is rustic and uninteresting. Due to the soft velvet or satin, the materials from which it is more often made of, on the skirt there are very beautiful folds are formed, which are particularly interesting to play while walking.

Wedding dresses in the style of «Barocco»

This style is perfect for graceful girls who prefer the rich noble colors and  abundance of decorative elements, rhinestones, crystals, embroidery. Because Barocco dress style can be described that way.

Beach style wedding dresses

Wedding on the beach is one of the most romantic ideas of celebration: water, sand, the Sun. For this reason dress should be as comfortable and easy as possible.   No many layers and crinoline! But to keep the atmosphere and mood of celebration you can wear chiffon, silk or satin dress. The length can be any. It is important to remember the basic rule – maximum of simplicity, lightness and tenderness. So you will feel not only comfortable, but also irresistible!

Being a bride is an incredible and enthusiastic feeling. Choose the style of a dress which is nearly to your heart. The dress in which you love yourself and feel comfortable and confident, dress which underlines all the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws. Remember – you are the queen of the wedding!

5 Photos of the Types of wedding dresses

Wedding dress picturesModern wedding dressesModern wedding dressItalian wedding dressesGreen wedding dress

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