Unique Wedding Ideas

  1. It would be excellent if the bride and groom could prepare a wedding dance to literally blow the guests out of the water. If will certainly take some effort, but the effect will be just overwhelming. In addition, you will enjoy watching this dance in ten, twenty or thirty years: you will be astonished by your own youth and buoyancy. This is something worth doing indeed.
  2. If you hate the very thought of sending standard and boring invitation cards, you can experiment. Why don’t you order invitations on chocolate, parchment, T-shirts and so on. This is rather costly, but really rewarding.
  1. To avoid confusion, ask guests to bring a photo and place it accurately near their reference in the wedding record book. This is a good way to make sure you won’t forget who left the message for you even many years later.
  1. Do you want your wedding to stand out among thousands of others? Organize a themed party.
  2. Order ‘visiting registration of marriage’: invite the marriage officer to your place. This is something outstanding and extremely trendy. Your guests are sure to remember this unusual registration ceremony.
  3. Hold a merry wedding auction. You can auction off the favorite belongings of the couple or all sorts of trifles.  This will be both funny and profitable!
  4. The guests will appreciate if you make and show a short film about the couple’s love-story.
  1. Prepare handouts about the most interesting and unusual wedding traditions. Put them on the tables.
  2. If there are many children among the guests, they will hardly have a good time with the adults. A themed party for kids is a great way out!
  3. Think of some games that will help guests get to know each other better. This will join them and break the ice.

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