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Conventional wedding dresses for a traditional office marriage registration or church wedding ceremony are usually white. But some brides do not want to pay homage to the customs and prefer other colors and shades, like drops of champagne.

The color and the cut of the dress are up to the bride. Some dresses are fluffy, with a corset and rings, while others are slinky, like traditional evening outfits, long or short. The bridal veil is usually chosen together with the dress. Brides should choose their dresses very carefully, as any changes, hemming or restoration (if some decoration elements are lost) will come quite costly.

Pics of wedding dresses

Very often brides call their whole family or their friends to help them choose the dress. Both cases are fraught with difficulties: when too many people assist the fitting, they often disagree with each other and argue, and they may forget it is the bride that the final choice should be made by, for the wedding is first of all her holiday. Don’t take the friends that can envy you. They will probably not put the evil eye on you, but they can easily spoil your mood by poisonous comments. You’d better trust your mother or one close friend, and, in first place, your own taste. Check whether the dress is comfortable: you should be able to move and sit. Remember that some types of dresses which resemble old-time outfits, especially those with traditional trains, won’t permit you to do some things without somebody’s help.

We also warn you against postponing the choice of the wedding dress for the last few days, so that you don’t have to buy the first one you see. Since now there are numerous shops that sell different wedding dresses of all colors to satisfy any taste, it is worth paying as much time to the choice of the dress as you can or even have it specially made. In the latter case, you will have to organize the required fittings, discuss the cut, decide on the fabric and the accessories, so that you could have a clear idea of the final result.

Traditional wedding dresses

9 Photos of the Wedding dress

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