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When asked “What to you want as a wedding gift?”, many couples immediately answer: “Money!” Guests are often OK with it: you don’t need to go shopping, think or invent anything. Money is, of course, a universal gift: the newly married couple and their parents are sure to appreciate some compensation for the expenses they’ve faced while planning the wedding ceremony. However, there is also a drawback: while being universal, money lacks individuality, and you can hardly expect that the new husband and wife will remember your present as something special as the years go by. However, sometimes money is the only right solution. For example, you learn about the wedding shortly before the ceremony. Or you know that the couple are conservative people and will not understand any other present.

Anyway, here are some ideas for presents that will stand out in the memory of the couple and will not be given to somebody else, like a fifth vase:

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  • A themed photoshoot. The newly married couple may appear in professional pictures, in unexpected images they can choose themselves. You can also invite a make-up designer and a hairdresser for the couple’s perfect looks.
  • Original dolls. Tiny copies of the bride and groom will inevitably arouse admiration of the guests. The only thing you have to do is to provide the master with a photo of the couple in which their faces and figures are seen clearly enough. By the way, the dolls don’t necessarily need to wear wedding outfits, though this is what most buyers choose.
  • Bed linen with pictures of the bride and groom. The effect is similar to that of the dolls. All the people enjoy looking on themselves, but few dare to order such bed linen on their own. But you’d better be careful with this idea unless you are a very close friend of the couple.

A family coat of arms. These usually feature a monogram of the couple (the first letters of their names), traditional heraldic elements. For example, a coat of arms of the Sokolovs (‘falcons’ in Russian) would logically carry an image of a falcon, which symbolizes encouragement and victory. There are special agencies that work out family coats of arms and family trees (another interesting variant of a souvenir). These agencies hire specialists in armory and heraldry, so you don’t need to study this tricky science yourself.

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Wedding music ideas

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