Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyling may witness new trends every year, but long hair is always at the go. If you are a happy owner of such a treasure, you have experienced both admiration of other people and the eternal morning torture of choice: such a bush of hair is not that easy to style.

The light disarray fashion has come as a relief for the girls with long hair. No need to hang up if you don’t have any tricky constructions on your head: judging by fashion shows, a horsetail is enough for a modern look. By the way, if you want it to be more interesting, you can use a strand of your own hair instead of a hair tie. Just wind it several times around the tail.

Hair styles for weddings

You can also create a trendy look with some backcombing (use a comb, some hairspray and a fan) or an unusual color solution (you might get stuck at the hairdresser’s, but the result will defy imagination). Curly girls just need to press their hair slightly with their hands, and your hairstyle is ready!

If you feel like doing something really fashionable, you can’t do without braiding. A side braid will be the easiest and the most practical choice: you can also use it as a headband to hold your hair where it should be.

As a rule, straight-combed temple hair and braids on the back of the head make a good match for a white dress. If you separate hair strands in two horsetails by pulling them sidewards symmetrically, you can form big flowers (just remember to hide the hair tie). If you make an S-shaped French braid, you can enjoy an effect of multi-layer waterfalls. Binders look elegant in wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Hair styles for weddings

However, a wedding hairstyle does not necessarily imply a sophisticated work of architecture. Natural ingenuousness will add special charm to your wedding day. Use a fixating spray on curls. Fold straight or wavy hair accurately over a headband to imitate Greek hairstyle. This is an excellent way out even for those who can’t boast thick hair.

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Hair styles for weddings

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