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Since all the people initially plan to get married only once, this day must be ideal. This is an excellent opportunity for the couple to demonstrate their fine arts and design skills. These skills may be applied to such an important element as the wedding invitations. The would-be husband and wife start thinking about the design of the invitations after they decide on the exact number of guests, the day and the place of the registration or church wedding.

Postcards in various styles are the most popular and available variant today. Even emails and mobile telephones can’t oust postcards from the pedestal. You can easily find ready-made wedding invitations at any stationery shop, but these will hardly impress anyone: their design is primitive. You can order your wedding invitations at a printing house: they are usually printed on a beautiful designer paper, but their aspect still leaves much to be desired. As for individual designs, some couples might find their price unaffordable.

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As you see, the only way out is to make wedding invitations on your own, using designer paper. There are numerous advantages about this solution:

  • It saves a lot of money.
  • The future husband and wife will not be short of the invitations if they decide to invite more people on the eleventh hour.
  • Your own work of art will neither be disappointing for the authors, nor for their admirers, since the design can be improved or adjusted at any moment.

The state-of-the art technologies allow generating loads of ideas at every stage of the wedding invitations design. For instance, you may want to add a picture of the couple or a small decorative element, or to draw a sophisticated ornament by your own hand. Hand-made wedding invitations should be simple and unusual at the same time. Here are some fresh ideas for unique hand-made wedding invitations.

A message in a bottle

This one is good for those who like travelling or plan to make a themed wedding dedicated to the sea. Use different colors to paint the bottle, wrap strings or openwork ribbons around it, put some sea sand and small stones into it or invent your own design.

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The main trick is the decoration of the scroll itself. It should look like a piece of paper that has been in a bottle for a long time, which means you need to age it. If you succeed, many guests will display your wedding invitation as a souvenir at home, and other future married couples will make a note of your idea.

A chocolate bar with an insert

Impress your guests by a chocolate wedding invitation. The design can vary. The wedding details can be printed on the chocolate wrap or on the chocolate bar itself. This will influence the final price of the chocolate invitation. If you want the invitation and a picture to appear on the chocolate itself, try and find a good confectionary shop that could handle such an unusual wedding order.

A plane ticket

You can choose even a more unexpected form of inviting guests to your wedding: hand them a ticket to a plane or a sea liner. Plane ticket templates are easily made with Photoshop: you just find a picture of a plane ticket on the Internet and use this program to erase all you don’t need and add all you need. Then you select the necessary color, the design, insert guest names and print the tickets on hard paper. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, you can download a plane ticket template on the Internet, print it and fill it in by your hand.

Prepare hand-made envelopes made of colored paper. This will take paper of two different colors, an old envelope as a model, double-sided mounting tape, a ruler and scissors. Cut out a piece of paper for the outer side of the envelope similar to the model. Take the second color for the inner part of the envelope and prepare it the same way.

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