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Now you’ve finally reached that defining moment of you wedding preparation, and it seems that everything is going just fine. But ‘it seems’ is far from ‘I’m sure’. Why don’t you have a look at these SOS-tips and reminders to make sure that you’ve got it ALL ready indeed?

1. Confirm your agreements with everyone you have hired (the drivers, the entertainer, the DJ, the photographer, the cameraman) and provide them with accurate information, whereabouts and telephone numbers.

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2. Prepare the final settlements. Pay all the bills in advance (but remember about your right to get your money back if anything goes wrong and spell this out in your agreements). Thus you won’t have to worry about the payments on the wedding day.

3. Take receipts! Take receipts saying that you have paid the photographer, the driver and others. If you are concluding an agreement, put down all the conditions of the deal thoroughly to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

4. Put the money in envelopes. If you plan to settle the bills of to leave tips after the wedding, put the money in envelopes and write the recipients’ names on them. This will make it all easier for you. Moreover, sealed envelopes are much safer than big piles of bills in somebody’s pocket.

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5. Prepare extra money to be on the safe side. Anything can happen. Suppose you have been impressed by the entertainer’s eloquence or the DJ’s acting abilities, and you feel like paying them somewhat above the contract. In addition, it is always advisable to have money in case you need more taxies.

6. Take care of your luggage. If you’ve decided to stay at a hotel for the night after the wedding, bring your bags a night before the ceremony. Or, you can ask your friends to collect your luggage after the wedding so that you don’t have to take it with you.

7. Don’t leave anything for the last moment. This is especially true about the details, like the knife to cut the wedding cake or the small presents for the guests. Either prepare it all beforehand, or appoint one of your friends responsible for controlling these things.

8. Make up a play list. Now there are lots of cover versions of old songs, and sometimes you can hardly guess what the original song was. Anyway, it is advisable to discuss in advance what you are going to listen to or what the musicians are going to play. Double-check this with your DJ and the musicians.

9. Work through the details with your photographer. Don’t leave anything to chance. Provide the photographer with a list of people you want to have pictures with. You may wish to have the photos of all your sisters or those who have arrived by a plane, or your husband’s colleagues. Let the photographer be in the know.

10. Draw a photography timetable. Try and make a timetable when these or those people should be taken pictures of. Say, if the bride, the bridesmaids and her family decide to be photographed at 3:15 p.m., they must be on the spot at 3:00 p.m., dressed and coiffured. Nobody should be running nervously about the house, getting dressed.

11. Create the day’s ‘itinerary’. Write a detailed timetable and route for your guests, friends and others. This will tell the people where they should be in this or that place, and you will have less difficulty trying to get them together for the family photography and other activities.

12. The final check. Hold a thorough check of the guest cards, the table numbers, the menu and the activity programs in order to avoid any inaccuracies, especially if something has changed just before the wedding.

13. Make your guests feel at home. Is there a shorter way to your heart than something personal, specially created for you? This is what you can do for your guests. Try to prepare small presents and messages for those who are coming to congratulate you. This will make a great beginning of a successful party.

14. Wedding dress delivery. If you and your bridesmaids plan to get dressed right before the ceremony, make sure that all your dresses, shoes and other accessories fit into a car. Or ask somebody to help you carry all these items. A good plan will protect you against stresses.

15. Take the phone number of your limo driver. Don’t forget to take the cell phone number of your limousine driver to contact him if your timetable shifts or if you leave something behind in the car.

16. Be ready for any weather. If you are organizing an outdoor ceremony, check if there is all you need to hide from the rain or intolerable heat.

17. Appoint one of your friends a gift ‘supervisor’. Before the wedding, ask one of your friends, a responsible person, to take your presents to your place. Give them a key. Thus you can be sure your presents will arrive safely.

18. Hire a master of wedding ceremonies. Now there is an excellent service: a wedding master. This is a person who can organize your holiday without any failures and halts.

19. ‘Wedding first-aid kit’. Don’t forget to prepare all you may need in an emergency! For instance, hair clips, a hair spray, powder, a lip gloss and a lipstick, ribbons (to tie something urgently), threads, gel pads against corns, tights, an umbrella and a shawl, a spot remover and a backup copy of your playlist.
Of course, you can’t predict everything, but if you plan most tasks in advance, this will make your most important day stress-free!

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