Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup is a special kind of professional makeup. It is supposed to stay on till the end of the day.

That is why makeup artists use only professional cosmetics for such tasks. At the beginning they feel on your face heavier than everyday use cosmetics.

Wedding makeup looks

In addition, they lack caring and nourishing components. They are meant to cover your face smoothly and to react to the indoor/outdoor temperature differences as little as possible. However, this is also their great advantage: professional cosmetics are hypoallergenic. They are good for everyone, including the brides who are expecting.

Bridal makeup is also makeup for photos and videos. Mind that professional equipment “eats” the brightness of the face and makes it somewhat blurry. So your face might look pale and vague in the pictures, unless your turn to a professional makeup artist.

At the same time, the makeup must not look like a masque, being both bright and delicate.

Wedding makeup looks

It is a good idea to try several levels of brightness at your makeup rehearsal. In an hour or an hour and a half your makeup will “soak into” your skin and seem less visible. When you leave the studio after the rehearsal, you will possibly accept the makeup that you first perceived as too bright.

Anyway, on your wedding day you can ask your stylist for makeup that would look more delicate or, vice versa, somewhat brighter.

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Wedding makeup looks

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