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When you hear “beach wedding”, you first of all imagine an ocean. Well, at least, you think of a sea. But if you want to organize such an event, you don’t actually need to go abroad in search of the “big water”. You can find a suitable beach in the city. Yes, even in Moscow.

A public beach will do for a wedding party with a mini standing reception. However, if you plan a full-fledged banquet featuring a symbolic marriage registration ceremony, you are advised to rent a private beach club or a beach restaurant with its own closed territory.

Wedding decor

Both formats, a banquet (which usually involves large tents) and a more democratic standing reception, are good for a beach wedding. Several themed clusters with hot and cold snacks and, of course, a bar, would be ideal.

A good design of a beach wedding will not distract the guests’ attention from the breathtaking landscape. Sun, clean sand and splashing water are the best decoration for your ceremony. This certainly doesn’t mean you must give up any design ideas at all, for you need to highlight the special atmosphere of the wedding. A flower-decorated arch for the symbolic marriage registration ceremony (if you plan any), candles and flower petals on the sand, as well as festive compositions on the wedding tables are a must. One pretty and relatively cheap solution is putting transparent glass vases with water, shells and beads on the bottom and tablet candles floating on the surface.

A wedding beach gives you nearly unlimited scenario and entertainment varieties. If the couple and their guests are keen on sports, they can enjoy beach volleyball or another ball game: the groom’s team vs the bride’s team. Festive outfits will not be an obstacle, especially if the couple brings simple and comfortable beach slippers for the guests to change their shoes.

Wedding decor

A wedding is unthinkable without photos. Why don’t you set an original photo-booth, which would support the beach theme, and prepare some funny photo accessories?

A wedding beach will tempt many guests to go bathing, especially if the weather is hot. Bear it in mind: think of changing huts and decorate them properly. A “barefooted disco” on the sand will perfectly crown you wedding program.

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