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In any country of the world, a wedding ceremony is full of certain conventionalities and traditions. In Russia, they go beyond the stereotypes everyone is sick and tired of: the stealing of the bride or her shoe, the bride purchasing which involves all the neighbors and the memorable photos near the city attractions. A modern wedding party features numerous nice and touching moments, which create a delicate and cordial atmosphere that both the couple and their guests will remember.

Congratulations to the bride and groom: a sea of toasts and the wedding timing

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Congratulations to the newly married couple are an important and a very pleasant tradition. But this process must be properly organized so that the bride and groom don’t get drowned in the sea of toasts and can enjoy every moment of their holiday. The parents, of course, go first, usually in half an hour after the feast begins. Then the floor is given to other relatives, followed by the friends. You can also mix them up to add some diversity.

The master of the ceremony must strictly stick to the wedding timing:

  • there should be pauses between the toasts, so that the guests could eat, talk or make their toilet;
  • these pauses should last about 10-15 minutes in the first half of the party;
  • the second part of the party implies much fewer toasts, and the pauses become longer;
  • there should also be breaks in the entertainment program so that the guests could continue saying toasts;
  • the congratulatory toasts should be thought through and not very long: otherwise the guests might get bored.

Gifts and surprises to amuse each other
Presents that the bride and groom prepare for each other will become an excellent surprise for them. To make exchanging presents, not just on special days but also for no reason, your family tradition, start it right on your wedding day. This doesn’t need to be something material: a song, a dance, a promise given to commemorate the beginning of your family life, something nice, moving or even funny for the new house and wife to remember for many years. To make your surprise really special, think of your partner’s hobbies.

Wedding contests

Here are some examples:

  • A pre-wedding photo album with personal inscriptions and comments;
  • A pleasant hand-made souvenir to remind of the important days the couple has lived together;
  • A tiny box with a love confession: why don’t you write a poem?
  • A jokey gift certificate in a frame. For example, the bride could guarantee treating the groom to her special/his favorite dish on Saturdays.


Wedding gifts comme il faut
Envelopes with money and gift certificate are the most popular wedding presents. But you also should be ready for big boxes and bags with some untraditional presents. Think of a special zone in your wedding ceremony hall where such things would be kept safely, without being broken. This could be a specially prepared and decorated table. There you can also have an album with a pen for the guests to write their congratulations for the bride and groom. Such tables are usually placed near the couple, for instance, behind their backs.

You can buy a beautiful ready-made box for envelopes with money. However, depending on your wedding reception style, you could put such gifts in a luxurious bird cage, a classy vintage case or travelling bag, decorated by your own hand.

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Wedding contests

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