Wedding planning timeline

As everybody knows, the best holiday is a holiday that has been thought through to the smallest detail. But how can you handle it all, if you have to reconcile the preparation with your household chores and your job? To avoid unexpected problems at the very last moment, you are advised to stick to a certain plan. Here is an example of it.
Two months before the wedding

To visit:
1. The marriage registry office: to hand in your application and to choose the best day for the registration.
2. A lawyer: to discuss and to make up your marriage settlement.
3. Wedding boutiques: to find a dress for the bride and a costume for the groom. If there is nothing that suits you, it is high time to look for a good dress-making establishment or a tailor.
4. A tourist agency: to choose your wedding trip route.

Wedding cupcakes

To choose and to order:
1. The hall where the wedding banquet will take place.
2. Cars for the wedding cortege.
3. Wedding invitations.

To set up:
1. A preliminary guest list.
2. A preliminary scenario of the wedding day.

To choose:
The best man and the bridesmaids.

Wedding plan

A month before the wedding

To buy:
1. The wedding rings.
2. Shoes and accessories for the bride and groom.
3. The dress and the costume.

To book:
1. Plane tickets for the wedding trip.
2. Tickets for the relatives from other cities and towns.
3. Photo and video recording of your ceremony.
4. The concert program and the decoration of your banquet hall.

To approve:
1. The color and the style of the dresses to be worn by the bridesmaids.
2. The wedding bouquet design.

Two weeks before the wedding

To book/to order:
1. Rooms at a hotel for your guests from other locations.
2. The wedding cake.

To visit:
1. A cosmetician, a hairdresser and a stylist to cure your hair and skin. Remember to bring your wedding dress and all the necessary accessories with you so that the master could decide on your hairstyle.
2. (To start going to) a tanning salon.
3. A choreographer to take one or two lessons for your wedding waltz.

To approve:
1. The seating of the guests at the banquet hall.
2. The wedding trip route.

A week before the wedding

To order:
The wedding bouquet.

To buy:
1. Good cosmetics and perfumes (the stylist will probably recommend something).
2. Everything you need for the wedding trip.

To approve:
1. The number of guests and the wedding menu.
2. The scenario of the wedding day and the route of the wedding cortege.

To try on:
The wedding dress and shoes. Should you feel any discomfort, you are advised to have your shoes stretched.

Three days before the wedding

To buy:
All you need to decorate your cars, as well as champagne and glasses for the outdoor activities.

To confirm:
1. Car reservation, ceremony time and place.
2. The list of the invited artists, the concert program, photo and video recording.

To check:
Whether you have all the necessary items for your wedding trip.

One day before the wedding

To prepare:
1. Suitcases for your wedding trip.
2. Rings and ribbons to decorate your cars.
3. All the required documents.
4. Several kerchiefs to cover your head in the church (in case the church ceremony and the registration are the same day).
5. Champagne for the ceremony.
6. The bride’s handbag with the required cosmetics, perfumes, one-use tissues and so on.

To confirm:
The time of your visit to the stylist’s.

To visit:
A good restaurant, theater or cinema with your friends to relax amid this wedding preparation turmoil and to accumulate positive emotions before the Most Important Day.

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