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It takes a great effort to plan a wedding reception. From the search of the place to the choice of the style, every step of it is painstaking, isn’t it? In fact, this is quite an ordered process: just learn which aspects want more attention, and you will enjoy the very preparation for your marriage ceremony.


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  1. First of all, decide on the date. You should choose the day before you pick the place for your celebration. Bear in mind that some halls are booked a year or even two years before the event. That is why you need to know the date for sure to check which places are still available.
  2. Decide where the event should take place: should it be an outdoor or an indoor wedding? Bad weather can spoil an outdoor celebration, so think of a back-up plan. The season is an important factor when booking an event hall, especially if your budget is limited. For instance, you can save a lot of money or take advantage of discounts by booking a facility for the end of January. Sometimes even the day of the week can influence the price, which is also worth remembering.
  3. Measure your budget. You should know that a wedding ceremony can cost you an arm and a leg. When booking an event hall, inform the administration about the approximate number of your guests. It’s a good idea to go over your guest list once again to make it shorter (so that you could cut the costs) and learn the cost of each position.
  4. Type of the wedding reception meal. While a standing buffet or a banquet in a restaurant are the most widespread types of the wedding feast, sometimes people don’t go beyond a cocktail party, a picnic or a beach party:
    • A banquet in a restaurant. This is a classic wedding scenario. Guests enjoy it very much. It’s just cut out for speeches and toasts. The big number of guests and the high costs are a disadvantage.
    • A wedding cocktail is a more modern type of the wedding reception. It is less expensive, but also popular among the guests. Just don’t expect it to be strictly-organized: if somebody wants to propose a toast, they may find it difficult to catch the ear of the audience.
    • A picnic. This is an optimal solution for nature-loving couples. It is easy to organize: all you need to do is to order sandwiches in a café. However, you should consider the possible weather changes. Besides, some guests may expect something more serious.
    • The wedding cake cutting. This usually happens in private: at home, in a local café or right in the marriage registry office. This is a good idea for the couples that want no fuss on this important day. The guests are served tea and coffee, biscuits and other cocktail snacks.
    • A motor ship (yacht) cruise, a beach party. It can be compared to the picnic. Such receptions are good in terms of the entertainment and make your wedding stand out. However, the weather changes, sand and moisture can kill the mood.
  5. A classic feast. When preparing a classic reception, think how long it should last. A too long reception can tire the guests out.
    • The bride and groom usually sit on a podium to be seen by everybody. Formerly the newly married couples used to sit at the head of the table, but now the tradition is changing.
    • The bride and groom’s parents sit at the same table, sometimes sharing it with other relatives and some friends.
    • Place the elderly guests far from the noise sources.
    • Put banquet cards on each table so that the guests could find their seats. If there are people who can’t stomach each other, don’t let them sit together.
  6. Should the guests queue up to congratulate the couple?This is a good way to thank each of the guests personally and to receive their wishes. But there are some minuses about it, too: this can be time consuming, your guests will have to make a queue, and some of them may consider it too formal, to name a few.
  1. Do you want somebody to announce about your arrival? This moment is very interesting and easy to organize. Just ask the master of ceremonies to say into a microphone: “Ladies and gentlemen! The bride and groom are going to enter the hall!” Then you are supposed to head to your table and take your seats.
  2. Work out the menu. When choosing the food, always be mindful of the guests who stick to a certain diet, for instance, vegetarians and diabetics. Find out if anybody has an allergy. Even if it is a cocktail party, with snacks and canapés, don’t forget about the people with special food requirements. Think about the amount of food you need and decide on your budget. A banquet usually implies drawing up a menu in advance. Let’s point out that classic receptions know different ways of serving the food: a buffet, a ‘canteen’, waiters (a waiter can stand near the table with the food or bring it as required), the table can be also laid beforehand.
  3. Toasts are great, but long toasts can be tiring. You can break the toasts into several blocks during the ceremony, giving floor to two or three guests each time.
  4. Time for dancing! When organizing an event, many people tend to arrange the dancing for the very end of the reception, when all the guests are full. Find melodies to please everyone. Don’t limit your playlist to the favorite songs of a certain group of guests, which can sound strange to the rest of the guests.
  5. Tips
  • Background music will adorn your reception.
  • You can hire a professional cameraman for your wedding photos and videos.
  • As for the design, you’d better not go too far. Food, songs and the newly married couple’s excitement are enough.
  • Think what are your expectations concerning this reception. Each couple has their own preferences. But don’t neglect the tips. When choosing where to hold the ceremony, check whether the facility is clean and easy-to-reach. You can use specialized catalogues to pick the right place.


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