What to wear to a wedding

OK, you are going to a wedding reception, and now you have to face this tricky question: what to wear?

It’s not so easy, as it might seem, because some clothes could look quite awkward at a wedding.

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To find the answer, bear in mind the following:

Your dress must not overshadow that of the bride (just admit this self-evident fact); a wedding is a very bright and happy event, so gloomy dark shades will hardly be in unison with it; pastel colors will match the romantic feeling of the ceremony; eccentricity verges on vulgarity, so you’d better avoid experiments on such a day.

What you mustn’t wear

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There are two forbidden colors: white and black. White exclusively belongs to the bride, symbolizing her purity and tenderness. Black is exquisite and solemn, but it doesn’t suit the occasion at all.

A knee-long dress is considered the most elegant option. Shorter dresses sometimes look too provoking, especially if you have to participate in the contests and entertainment activities. A longer dress could look classy, but only in certain conditions: a predetermined dress-code, an expensive restaurant. If you are invited to a beach party, an economy-class café or a garden, a long dress would be out of place indeed.

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