Winter wedding dress

Winter Wedding is a very beautiful event but sometimes it is very cold. All brides despite the cold weather want this day to be unforgettable.

How a bride can keep warm and still be the queen of the festival? It is not difficult to create a beautiful image of a bride in winter – use the tips of our article.

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In winter do not wear too short dresses with open back or high slits.

Corset dress with bare shoulders is a classic of wedding, so we will not try to dissuade you if the dress of your dream is like this. In this case you shouldn’t forget to take a bolero or a mantelet to the bride so as it was warm during all the ceremony and the banquet.

Stockings or tights?

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It all depends on your walking program on the wedding day. If you do not plan to spend much time in the open air and you just walk to the car to go further, you can wear stockings.

In a case if you want to arrange a photo session in the open air or marriage registration on the snowy expanses, it is very necessary to take into account the issue of warming.

It is better to choose tights. Now the choice of stylish fishnet tights is large enough and you will surely find something warm and nice for your wedding form.

There are many options of outerwear for winter wedding. The most common is a fur coat from natural or artificial fur. Its length and the color depend on the color and style of the wedding dress.

The color of the fur coat should be combined with a tinge of your dress. And at the same time one should take into account that in the background of snow-white wedding dresses, no matter how white they may be, the fur can look dingy.

A coat is will be perfectly suitable for more austere forms of wedding dresses and retro style. It does not have to be light, you can opt for a coat of bright colors that will emphasize the style of the bride and allocate her among the guests.

Delicate hands of a bride should be protected from the frost and wind. For this it is necessary to choose gloves or mittens. Gloves can be made of fabric or leather, tall to the elbow or short to the wrist.

2 Photos of the Winter wedding dress

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