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Just imagine: fluffy snowflakes are softly lying on your eyelashes and cheeks, snowdrifts are sparkling in the warm winter sun, and everything is ready for this magic day in your life: your wedding day! Winter time creates a special mood for the wedding, making every decoration element, every detail look cozy, from a bride’s hairpin to the cream on the wedding cake. Today we are going to share some secrets of making this wonderful season turn your marriage ceremony into a fantastic fairy tale.

Fir tree branches. Can you imagine a winter without fir tree needles? The needles are one of decorators’ favorite materials not only because of their incredible aroma of holiday and freshness, but also because they are easy to use. Just make sure you are not reducing your wedding to an ordinary New Year/Christmas party. Fir branches can be part of your cozy wedding ceremony or become the central element on the tables.

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You only need to add the right flowers to go with them. There are no limits: fir, pine or thuya branches will compliment any flower composition, from bright amaryllises to delicate ranunculuses, daffodils and tulips. Small pines in flowerpots can both lend variety to the traditional seating scheme and work as a compliment for the guests.

Sparkles. The winter is the time of dazzling snow-white dunes shining in the sun. This is a great occasion to use sparkles in your wedding decoration. Sparkles permit you to play with colors nearly without limits and choose shining textures instead of mat ones. Begin by making foil-coated invitation cards (you can also put some sparkles in the envelopes). Then, your ceremony may feature a confetti bar with sparkles of all the possible shades. But don’t make the sparkles too small: this may be inconvenient. Elegant shiny shoes will perfectly finish the bride’s look.

It would also be an excellent idea to decorate the leg of the bouquet with a sparkling ribbon, embroidered with spangles and glass beads. Glittering runners in silver, golden, bronze, chocolate and even white shades may adorn the guest tables. In this case choose the vases and the decorative elements very thoroughly: find glass, ceramic or specially matted vessels. The bridesmaids could look gorgeous in dresses made of glossy textiles. Confectionery glitter will turn your wedding cake into the star of the night. A strip of sparkler candles could be a superb ending of the night!

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Cotton. Fluffy and incredibly light, cotton flowers can make any event beautiful, snowy and tender. Cotton flowers may soften other natural elements of your design, such as sacking, dry flowers, wooden cuts, boxes, firewood, which could otherwise look somewhat rough. The color of cotton bolls is universal for any wedding decoration style: they match any wedding palette. They can add special tenderness to your wedding bouquet. Used in different compositions and the decoration of the ceremony area and the arch, cotton will create a rustic spirit or eco style.

Cotton can be perfectly combined with delicate textures, as well as the above mentioned natural elements and brutal design elements. In particular, they go well with lace, atlas and silk, which brides like so much. Succulents and dried flowers can also make a wonderful ensemble with cotton bolls, both as part of the decoration and in the bride’s bouquet. By the way, such a bouquet won’t fade by the end of the wedding: it will last to decorate your home after the ceremony. But check whether the cotton bolls are open wide enough. Otherwise you might get rough brown boxes instead of the fluffy white balls.

Cones. Many people associate winter wedding ceremonies with cones as a decoration element. Conventional as they may seem, they should not be neglected: just use your imagination. A cone would make an amazing part of your wedding invitations! You can use watercolor paint or relief printing. Natural papers and a minimalistic color scheme are the best option here: too many colors can make your invitation cards look tasteless. A small box made of cones can replace the traditional cushion for the rings.

If your marriage ceremony is in winter, a cone garland may serve for the decoration of the path towards the altar. Similar garlands, but with green leaves and flowers can be used instead of textile table runners to decorate the guest tables. Elegant candles in high thin candlesticks will be a perfect match for them. In addition, cones may become a decorative element of the wedding cake, if you put it on a wooden cut instead of a traditional stand. Don’t forget: if you use cones, you are to stick to a certain style: the ingenuous rustic style, the elegant country chick or the sophisticated eco paradigm.

Candles and lamps. Candles are a traditional decoration component few weddings can do without. However, in winter they are especially charming: they create this cozy home atmosphere, making us think of a fireplace, an armchair, a plaid and an interesting book. Isn’t it great to go to a party and feel at home? Candles, torches and lights can do more than just compliment your wedding style: they can work as its independent element. Use plenty of candles to highlight the ceremony area, and you will see a breathtaking fairly tale! But remember to avoid fire-hazardous solutions! Somebody must keep an eye on the burning candles all night long, so you are advised to remind your coordinator or manager about it. Besides, if you want the atmosphere and the splendid scene to last throughout the party, you should have the candles replaced as soon as they burn away. Candles and different candlesticks will be enough to make beautiful runners on the guest tables. The candlestick design can be classic or quite unexpected: use empty bottles, cones, tree branches, wooden cuts, wool balls or mercury glass wine glasses.

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