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The fashion designer Zuhair Murad was born in Lebanon and his first studio was founded in Beirut in 1995. Each subsequent year of the designer’s hard work has been awarded him with his growing popularity at home and in 2001 he was already applauded at the fashion week in Paris. Since then the talented Lebanese has gained worldwide fame as a man who knows how to create a truly luxurious image.

Why dresses of Zuhair Murad are the most beautiful?

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Dresses of Zuhair Murad amaze fashionable women from all over the world. This fashion designer draws inspiration from the beauty of the human body, considering the combination of shapes and textures in his clothes to the smallest detail. Luxury dresses of Zuhair Murad may be stressed-modest or incredibly lush, to become the epitome of classic and striking by a new look at elegance. One thing remains unchanged: enthusiasm and sense of the beauty touch which are in all the clothing collections of Zuhair Murad.

Surprisingly feminine and captivating Zuhair Murad’s wedding dresses are a striking example of subtle Oriental flavor. A bride dressed in a sparkling magical dress transforms into a fairy princess and seems unreal, delightful and irresistible. Talented designer Zuhair Murad achieves this effect by using in his collections finest, almost weightless fabrics, richly decorated with bows, rhinestones, fantastic embroidery.

Wedding dresses of Zuhair Murad are masterpieces which hit by the elegance of the silhouette, the originality of cut and fantasy. The Lebanese fashion designer is known as the creator of the world’s most elegant and feminine dresses for the wedding celebrations.

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In his dresses often appear such stars as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Ivana Trump, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Katy Perry, Ana Ortiz, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera. … The list is long!

3 Photos of the Zuhair Murad wedding dresses

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